Important decisions require justification and a well-defined framework in terms of micro and macro economic context.

What are the benefits of achieving a study?

Marketing studies and market studies are necessary and fundamental when you are faced with question marks or want to know more information about: your unfold activity (work), the market you are or want to be present, existing customers and their needs, consumption habits, launching new products, make investments, competition etc..

Marketing and market research will help you to find answers to questions such as:

  • Who and how well knows your company’s offer (information about company, products, services)?
  • What is the degree of satisfaction of its own customers? What is the degree of satisfaction of the competitors customers?
  • What is the purchase and consumption behavior of the clients? (you consume, when, how, with whom, where, availability payment, motivation choice product / service)
  • A new product has his place on the market? What features and what needs must satisfy?
  • What is the best price?

Marketing and market studies will provide added value by completing the information about what is needed and what the potential customer wants from a product or a service; about the competition; opportunities for development; economic sectors etc.

Studies, marketing and market analysis carried out by Acmado are addressed from/are discussed in terms of the qualitative, quantitative and mixed perspective (a combination of qualitative and quantitative) and contribute to the design of strategies and business plans, and marketing plans of companies.

Examples of marketing and market studies:

  • studies on the impact and the degree of the investments
  • positioning on the market studies, consumer behavior, customer satisfaction
  • competition study etc.

The main methodologies that implement the qualitative and quantitative studies are:

  • PAPI (Paper And Pencil Interviewing) – Data collection via support of paper and pencil assisted
  • CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) – Collection of data on electronic format assisted by intervievator, this being face-to-face with responder
  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) – being the most popular way of collecting data being the most popular way of collecting data is used a specialized computer software
    and the data is collected via thelephone line assisted by an operator
  • CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) – using a specialized application, the information is completed directly by the respondent on the computer at the same time having an internet connection
  • WAPI (Web Assisted Personal Interviewing) – data collection using a specialized application via the Internet in which the respondent completes a questionnaire and at the same time he is accompanied by an operator
  • Focus group  (qualitative research methods) – data collection is done through a group interview and follows both respondents attitudes and the information provided by them